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* Region - Greater Dublin Area to include Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath
** Senior - Usually maximum Loan to Value of 80%, income producing and minimum Funding Term of 12 months.
Bridge - Usually Funding Term of less than 18 months, any Property Type and may or may not be income producing.
Equity - Where the borrower is not able to or does not plan to have any equity in the transaction but is bringing value in some other way (sometimes known as ‘sweat equity’). Applicable to any Secured Property Type which may or may not be income producing.
Development - Funding for the development of the property (from ground up to heavy refurbishment). Sometimes includes funding for site acquisition as well.
Mezzanine - Where Equity and Senior combined is not sufficient to acquire or develop the property, then the gap can be filled by Mezzanine. Applicable to all Secured Property Types.